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Email Blast Marketing

Email Blast Marketing

eMail Marketing is one of the most powerful tools to connect to potential customers. We offer access to thousands of readers who are potentially your customers too. Our network extends from North America (USA and Canada), the Caribbean (The Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic) and Latin America (Colombia). If your target country is not mentioned above, please let us know as we update our list frequently. Simply tell us your target market and leave the rest to us.

Use our eMail Marketing Campaign Service to connect to your audience. We will distribute your email content at least four (4) times over a period of time (usually one month) to readers in the targeted country of choice.

Readers subscribe to us daily at a minimum monthly rate of 10%. We have a comprehensive list management structure that is based on intrinsic data for most locations.

Recommended if you only want to try before any commitment or if you are working with a small budget.


  • Delivered in JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, HTM or any coded format.
  • Can include PDFs attachments (e.g. Order Forms or Application Forms).
  • Links to anywhere on the web (websites, forms, social media etc).
  • Can be forwarded to friends.
  • Will auto feed to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linked-In.
  • Can include additional features such as Mobile eMail (MeM) Version, Social Blasts and/or Pay Per Click Ads.

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