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Social blast


Distribute your content across various social media platforms!

Social Media Marketing has become the fastest growing space online with a large number of users. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have attracted millions of potential targets that could beenfit your business. Our skills and experience with social media gives us the advantage of understanding the best platforms to attract the right set of customers for your business.

Use our Social Blast Service to distribute content across multiple social platforms at once. If you also do eMail Marketing with us, we will be able to extend your target reach to more customers via Social Blast. Recommended if you need a consistent strategic approach to creating visibility and exposure on social media.


  • Strategic assessment of your social media marketing needs
  • Various campaign methodologies to get the best ROI for your business
  • Provide analytics and feedback to ensure the best strategy work for you
  • Can be done on any social platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-In
  • Can include additional features such as eMail Marketing.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.

Service Requirements
Determine total campaign period. Can be daily for a minimum one week.
Provide access to platform of interest.
We offer design services for clients who need to prepare ads for social distribution. Please go here to see more about our design services.
Speak with our Social Media Expert for further advise and direction on how to get started.

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