PPC Marketing & Online Advertising

Gain expert guidance on how to manage your paid advertisement while increasing your ROI. Minimum spend of $20 per day on any channel is required

MI Group USA - PPC Marketing & Online Advertising
MI Group USA - PPC Marketing & Online Advertising

What we will do:

  • Develop online paid ad campaigns (search, display, social) relative to the objective(s) of the campaign or company on a needs basis
  • Manage paid Google display and text ads;
    Third-party costs apply
  • Manage and monitor organic and local search engine optimization (LSEO); Third-party costs apply
  • Manage and monitor paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Third-party cost applies
  • Manage and monitor paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Third-party cost applies
  • Manage and monitor paid YouTube Advertisement; Third-party costs apply
  • Manage, analyze and measure the performance of each campaign and optimization activities
  • Provide monthly analytics reports on performance activities

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A paid online advertisement is a model of advertising that implies an investment made by a company with the purpose of placing marketing content strategically in platforms and websites with good traffic. This means that a larger number of users will be able to see and interact with your brand through the advertisement.

Through a paid advertisement platform, you can identify the online spots that better suit the target of your business, making your brand visible and increasing your website’s traffic. Once you have listed your ideal spots, you have to be ready to make an investment to get the best one.

The best paid online advertisement for 2022 are the ones that have proven to work time and time again. A multi-strategic approach that covers several channels and opportunities for the most part works better than a single strategy. Please note that this is relative to the nature of the business you are operating.

You could easily google paid online strategists near you; yet, we can assure you that you will get from us the best online advertising service in the market. If you’re living in Atlanta or Miami, you will be more than welcome to visit our installations; if you live outside of these two cities, we can work with you virtually with an “in-person” experience you will not regret.

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