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MI Group provides a cadre of mobile and internet solutions for small and medium-size companies or SMEs. Businesses use our services to create and or develop their presence online across all mobile and internet channels including Mobile, eMarketing, eBusiness, eCommerce and Logistics. Though we started MI Group to help SMEs get a better footprint of their online presence, we have extended our solution to include drop-shipping or order fulfillment services to complete the round of solutions we can offer to businesses.

Over the past 7 years, MI Group through its predecessors, have played an integral role in empowering businesses to establish and build successful online presence. Our clients are individual entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, brands and organizations with vibrant determination. They wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities and need to ensure the best use of their time. Though they may not all be technology savvy, our clients want the benefits of the latest technologies in various forms across mobile and internet to help them remain “top of mind” and competitive. Since our inception, we have been a trusted partner and source for our clients.

Whether our client is starting their business online or offline, or they’re developing an existing brand, we are involved in every stage of their business journey. We provide a multi-tiered experience that will champion our client’s mission, which is to be consistently visible and exposed online.

The MI Group formula provides businesses with a one-stop shop experience from creating their online identity, to executing their online visibility strategy and managing the expected outcome through analytics and reporting. Clients that move physical products across borders can use our order fulfillment facilities to keep their products closer to their customers.  We have presence in the United States, Jamaica, Bahamas and Colombia. This gives us the distinct advantage of connecting local businesses to other marketplaces internationally. Our team is fully fluent in English and Spanish with combined experiences spanning more than 50 years.

We are constantly innovating and creating new opportunities to enhance our client’s experience and to ensure they are benefiting from the latest technologies available.

We believe that businesses today must appreciate and develop strategies to ensure they are in line with mobile and internet technologies in order to remain relevant in their marketplace. Unfortunately, many of these businesses don’t know how to or where to begin. This is where our level of skills and expertise comes in.

Our Mission


To provide quality and excellence to our clients through holistic mobile and internet solutions that will position them for long term growth, savings, profitability and prosperity.

Our Vision


To provide one-stop mobile, internet and logistic technology solutions to SMEs across the Caribbean and Latin American region.

Our  Core Values


God; Creativity; Innovation; Customer Service; Reliability; Consistency; Trust; Professionalism

Quality; Efficiency 

Our Platforms



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