Customer Persona Management Services

Work together in developing your ideal customer/client persona(s). Whether you’ve served these personas before or are new, we will dive deep into understanding who they are and how you can better attract them using customer persona management.

Customer Persona Management
MI Group USA - Customer Persona Management

What we will do:

  • Determine your customer persona category – B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2G.
  • Customer persona management: Develop each persona based on demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentations.
  • Develop paired personas to compliment key personas in your audience.
  • Detail personas’ worries and fears, hopes and dreams, online behaviors, influences, goals, values, personality types, top challenges, motivators, and responsibilities.
  • Craft messaging strategies and determine how your products and services help each persona.

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A customer persona is a hypothetical
customer whose profile is built from exhaustive research and
analysis of real customers data. This helps you to have detailed
information about your segments, their interests, their
motivation, what they look for in a brand, what kind of
communication they prefer, etc.

To develop a customer persona for your business, you will need to collect as much data as possible; you could use keywords from your website, the search entries from your customers, in-built analytics from your social media accounts, as well as surveys, interviews and feedbacks. Once you have a good data base, you will have to organize this information on a customer persona template designed for your business.

You should develop your customer
persona before launching your business or new products. This
will help you to understand your customers’ behavior on a
deeper level, making it possible for you to provide a product
that will genuinely be liked by your segments.

There are multiple customer persona
templates that could adjust to your business necessities like
Hubspot, Xtensio or Marketing Gizmo. With over 12 years of
experience, we have designed our own Customer Persona Template that we’ve been perfecting in order to keep up with
the demands of the market.

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