Case Study / Burger King
Creating consistent awareness to huge consumer base, is part of what makes Burger King a top of mind quick service restaurants for many customer.


Burger King is a quick service restaurant that is franchised all over the world. We work specifically with franchisee to maintain top of mind with customers through email marketing.

How do you succeed with an omni channel approach that goes beyond traditional media and include digital? Email marketing is a key channel that creates massive exposure for a recognizable brand like Burger King.

Burger King: Email Marketing
MI Group USA - Email Marketing


Our Professional Email Marketing Services Team, leverage our existing B2C customer base of over 40k customers to keep the BK brand in their inbox multiple times weekly.


• Professional Email Marketing Services

MI Group USA - Email Marketing
MI Group USA - Email Marketing


Mautic CRM, Sendgrid


The client boasted a fully branded startup ready to take on the world. See photos of work below.