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An agnostic software system that analyzes the behavious or hundreds of survelliance cameras to reduce downtime errors and save lives.


Galactic is a global stellar Managed IT service provider and installer of state-of-the-art technology. We specialize in large industrial enterprises and state projects, with a critical understanding of the professionalism needed to complete projects that demand superior accessibility, security, and dependability.

The company wanted to build out an agnostic software system to help them better manage the security of their clients. Very little tools existed to keep track of the various security systems. Building an intelligent behavioral analysis tool would help to reduce downtime and protect more lives.

Galactic Technology
Galactic Technology


Our Software Development Team created a roadmap for the project’s first milestone, developed lambda function to dave results in Dynamo DB, setup AWS EC2 instance with Docker Image, develop lambda function to save video frames in S3, configure CloudFormation code, triggers to lambda functions and present multicam analysis notifications.


• Software Development

Galactic Technology


AWS, Lambda, Dynamodb, Python


The software was developed to now track up to 1 million cameras and can scale to an unlimited numbers of cameras over a period of time.