Case Study / TNC Financial
The client wanted to gain a deeper insight on their customers by using our customer persona development tool.


TNC Financial works in the insurance and financial services sector to help customers protect their health and valuable assets.
Before partnering with us, TNC Financial had never done a customer persona development exercise and wasn’t completely confident on who their customers were. We were more than glad to help bring clarification backed by data to TNC Financial.


Our marketing team performed the customer persona development exercise and collected data for five customer types. From that data, we created avatars from the persona builds to prepare TNC Financial for launching a lead generation campaign.


  • Change “Lead Generaion (Facebook Ads)” to “Lead Generation
    (Facebook Ads)”
  • Change “Landing PAge Development” to “Landing Page


MI Customer Persona Development


With the new customer persona development we achieved the following results:
– 89,306 Impressions
– 32,141 Reach
– 1,101 Conversion