While successful content writers, armed with content writing tips, seem to have an enviable life – they work from home, make their schedules, and work as much or as little as they please – the vast majority have a hard time making a living of it. They need to gain the skills necessary to succeed. Because no matter how talented they are, writing skill is not enough. So, to become successful as a content writer, you need a full toolkit of marketable skills.


How many content writers do you know? Two? One? None? Well, to start with, content writing is a form of online writing which is closely linked to web marketing campaigns. This means creating the writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product. Content writers work according to the brief provided by a client. This brief will define their task and any SEO related requirements, such as keyword density. The job of the content writer is to turn this brief into a finished product which becomes part of the target website. They produce the content for many different types of websites, including blogs, social networks, e-commerce sites, news aggregators, college websites, etc. Aside from writing content, these writers might also be responsible for making sure the sites’ pages and content connect. They’re also responsible for setting the overall tone of the site. Content is distinct from journalism or conventional copywriting in that it is designed to achieve prominence on the web, and must be tailored for this purpose. Ok. Did you know that by 2017, there will be about 3.6 billion Internet users—more than 48% of the world’s projected population (7.6 billion)? Sounds like a hard job to do for a content writer, right?

Content writing is almost always related to SEO marketing campaigns. It will involve writing tightly focused texts that include a set of keywords or phrases that have been researched by marketers. High quality content will ensure that these keywords appear in the right density. The text will also be fluently written, clear and able to promote the product being described. The quality of the content produced also needs to be high. Poor quality content is less likely to achieve a high search engine ranking, meaning that the webpage in question will not be read by a large number of potential customers. The skills required for content writing are varied. They include the ability to write fluently and persuasively on a range of subjects while integrating keywords without losing readability.

Squirrly.co explained in an article that there are at least three facts which really make content writing valuable for any kind of business:

  1. Content writing comes with great optimization: Most of the marketers out there understand how keyword placement works within an article. They know that in order for an article to attract many visitors, it needs to look good and contain plenty of keywords. The worst part is that the strategy is changing constantly. If you don’t happen to have enough time at your disposal to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in terms of content optimization, then purchasing content that is properly optimized is definitely a smart move.
  2. Content writing save you plenty of time: It goes without saying that having more time at your disposal to deal with the management aspects of your position is more productive and profitable for the company. Coming up with content on a daily basis can be tiresome and time-consuming, so having some help definitely wouldn’t hurt.
  3. Content writing can potentially save the company money: The first question you should ask yourself is “Can my company afford to hire an extra pair of hands?” With the cost and time needed for training sessions and paperwork, it can actually be more cost-efficient to just purchase content. Of course it all depends on your company’s policy and how many financial resources it can spare.

Most content writers, regardless of what they write about, usually need a bachelor’s degree or something higher. Many employers hire writers with degrees in English, journalism, communications or creative writing. Depending on the subject matter, content writers might need a degree in a particular field. For example, a content writer creating content for an online math course might need a degree in math, in addition to demonstrating solid writing skills.

Just to recap, let’s establish a short and clear definition of content writing so far: it is basically anything that is intended to be read on the Internet or sent across the World Wide Web. Before a content writer put their fingers to the keyboard, he or she should get themselves in the mindset of their audience simply because their content is meant to be read by that audience. If there’s an attempt to explain something, he or she should talk about it from their audience’s point of view.

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