Safer, Cheaper and Defter

Why must companies comply with GDPR policies? May of this year marked the third anniversary of one of the most important legislative implementations of the last decade: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In Fluid Attacks, we have talked a little about what GDPR is, but today we want to dedicate a particular blog post to talk about what

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Ransomware and Cyber Insurance

Ransomware and Cyber Insurance

Why is security always excessive until it’s not enough? On June 28, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) published a report explaining why cyber insurance spurs ransomware attacks. After its publication, several blogs emerged summarizing or detailing the problem (I recommend ZDNet , PCrisk, TechTimes and Security Intelligence articles). This blog post is not intended to summarize the RUSI report. Instead, it will use

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Do Not Read This Post

Do Not Read This Post

What if this post were a malicious link? Why the f*ck did you click to this post? Seriously, why? Chances are, you were attracted to the title, paradoxically, suggesting not to do something. But, here you are. We are glad you did not follow that direction but we deliberately crafted that title to attract your

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The F*CK Strategy

Do you like fried chicken? A year ago or so, KFC -the chicken fast-food chain- was featured in almost every news outlet in the UK: they ran out of chicken for an entire weekend. A horror story for a food-chain with 900 restaurants in the country. People were mad at them, and they were the target of enormous criticism.

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