We’re now in the early weeks of 2022 and with a new year comes new trends, especially online. In the internet world, trends appear and disappear quickly, which means businesses have to stay on their toes if they want to maintain a strong digital personality. These days, it’s almost impossible to run and market a business offline. Even the smallest of businesses have some kind of online presence.

However, every business’s digital personality is different. Some may just rely on their website and Facebook page (did you know that the Facebook company is now called Meta?). Some may use a variety of platforms such as Instagram or the quite popular TikTok. And there are those businesses that aren’t technologically savvy and the idea of keeping up an online presence is just too overwhelming. Finally, there’s also new businesses to consider. As someone new to the market, what trends and platforms should you be concerned with as you grow your business?

No matter what situation your business is in, here are the main digital marketing trends you need to be aware of in 2022 in order to have the strongest marketing possible.

  • Short form video marketing: As you’ve no doubt seen already, short form videos on TikTok and videos in the Stories format on Snapchat and Instagram have exploded in popularity. TikTok itself is rapidly becoming a household name among consumers. According to an article written by Brian Dean on Backlinko, “TikTok was the 7th ranked social media app in 2021.” It actually surpassed Snapchat and other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest in monthly active users (of which it currently has 1 billion) and it’s clear that its popularity among consumers will continue. Short, bite size videos are the way to go this year and there are TikTok videos on a variety of things, such as fitness and DIY tips, showing off new products, and more. With a good smartphone camera and some enthusiasm, your business can get in on this trend and watch as your audience grows.
  • Email (it’s still important!): You might think that email is becoming a thing of the past, much like snail mail. But this isn’t the case as email is still good for instant communication and networking with others. In fact, according to an article written by Ross Beard on Vero, “59% of B2B marketers believe email marketing is still the most effective channel in generating revenue.” This is because emails are personal and easy for people to keep track of. Email is also a good way to retain your consumer base, which is a plus for businesses that aren’t technologically savvy. Social media platforms have a learning curve, but everyone knows how to compose and send email messages.  With the right email marketing software at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to creating a robust email marketing strategy for your business.
  • SEO is now more integrated into the user experience: Search Engine Optimization tactics have always been a must when writing content for your business. You need strong SEO tactics in order for your business’s website and content to be among the first things potential and current consumers see when they’re searching for something. Everyone has their tips and tricks to make this happen. However, this year it’s suggested that you should focus less on the tricks of SEO, and instead focus more on the user’s experience, according to an article written by Krista Neher on Forbes. This is because search engines have become much more “smarter [and] contextual” and because of that, there’s less of a need for you to use “hacks [and] tricks” to get your content out there. Instead, you can now use this time to provide an engaging experience for your business’s prospective and current consumers. After all, without a strong consumer base, you won’t have nearly as successful a business.

As has been mentioned, online trends are constantly appearing and disappearing. What may have been popular mere months ago is now outdated and something that was once considered to be outdated is now popular once more. It’s hard for anyone to keep up, but we are here to help. Contact us for more information on digital marketing trends your business needs to be aware of in 2022.