Have you noticed how technology is being integrated with everything these days? This has created new trends and even terms many of us have never seen before.

AdTech, EdTech, Fintech, Medtech, Foodtech, you get the message by now.

Martech is no exception as I like to view it as the integrator of all these blended tech concepts.

So what is Martech? Simply put, it is the combination of marketing and technology. Some like go term it as a blend of marketing and technology tools.

If you’re in marketing like all of us are, you should at least know by now or seen the works of marketing technology.

As we know it today, digital marketing is technology based so if you’re involved in digital marketing then you would have been involved with martech.

Marketing goals and objectives these days are hardly achieved whiteout harnessing technology in some ways.

Maybe you’ve heard of the marketing technology landscape infographic that has been circulating over the internet? This infographic was developed by Scott Binker, author of the Chief Technologist Marketing Blog. The infographic illustrates the broad range of martech vendors, marketing automation and technology solutions across multiple digital channels. View the infographic here.

If you examine the data produced by Scott over the years you would noticed significant increases in the number of brands operating in the martech space and that should tell us something. This is an opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of the many options that are now available through martech.

Types of Marketing Technologies

A number of marketing technologies are available to small businesses and can help to drive your goals and objectives.

Generally marketing technology fits into a few categories. Whether you want to track and manage digital marketing efforts, customer relationships or social media efforts, understanding what these various categories are and how they might apply to your business is worth the effort.

Some primary tools for marketing technology are listed below in no specific order but can guide you as to what you should look out for.

  • Search engine marketing tools
  • Customer relations management tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Monitoring and analytics tools
  • Tag management tools
  • Data management platforms
  • Content delivery network
  • Conversion optimization tool
  • Campaign management tools
  • Email marketing platforms
  • Mobile optimization tools
  • Advertising networks
  • Remarketing solutions
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Webinar and conferencing tools
  • Design tools
  • Project management tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Content management systems

Most of these were taken from an article written for inc.com by Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist at CCP Global. Its by no means a completed list as there are so many other tools and networks that would prove relevant to a business goals and objectives.

Key recommendations for small businesses

As a small business the key recommendations for adapting to the use of marketing technology begins with taking stock of where you are now and which of these tools you are currently using. Thereafter you can identify the tools that can help you based on your small business goals and objectives.