How many people is rejected because of their names? Not only children at school, but adult people. Human relationships are partly determined by people’s names. You’re not going to talk to someone who doesn’t have a name. Names, therefore, are codes. Sometimes they’re beautiful, sometimes they’re really ugly and hard to pronounce… but they always function like keys to connect or disconnect to the rest of the world. Names work like this for small businesses, too.

A domain name is the name of your website, the identity of your small business online. So it’s not just one more thing, it’s something to care about and focus on. When people get to know your domain name, they’re also getting to know an aspect of the essence of your small business. And that makes it important. If your domain name is boring or easily forgettable, no one will get to know the essence of your business deeply and you’ll probably have no customers at all.

Here are three recommendations that will surely help you in case you’re looking for the right domain name:

1. Keep it short. The simpler, the better. Your domain name must be easy to write and to pronounce so that it can be easy to remember, too. That way more potential customers can find you online. You must use keywords that somehow describe what your small business is about. You must be explicit. Besides, only robots and machines have numbers or hyphens or abbreviations in their names, so don’t use those things in your domain name if you want it to be nice. It definitely won’t make it attractive or original. And that’s exactly how your domain name must be like: attractive and original.

2. Go to this link and they will help you through the somewhat complex process of finding an available domain name that is ok to you. There is something that many people don’t like to do but it’s quite important: be accurate and specific. If your small business is a local one and it only works in one specific geographic region, you should mention your city or state in your domain name. By doing this, you will achieve more search-optimization for you small business. On the other hand, you should do some research before choosing what your domain name will be. It’d be awful if your domain name is already a trademark or is copyrighted. You don’t want to copy someone else.

Most importantly, you don’t want to copy another small business and have legal issues. Remember, yours must be unique. You could go to jail if you make a mistake like this.

3. The main adjective of your domain name must be “catchy”. It’s essential. Tell your friends and family about the domain name you chose for your small business so that they can give you a good or a bad first impression of it. Don’t repeat another person’s idea. That’s part of being original. A common idea among beginners is that you should only pay what you can afford. It’s wrong. You should start by buying a .COM extension for your domain name, even if you don’t have enough money. .COM is the most popular extension for websites, everybody knows. Why? Because most of the popular websites use that extension. And you want your small business to be popular, don’t you?

It’s clear that the domain name of your website is one of the keys to success. If it’s forgettable, your small business won’t last long. But if you come up with a catchy, simple name which depicts what your small business is all about, you will have made a huge approach and millions of customers will come knocking at your door… or at your website.

P.S. Do you need any advice or consultation about choose a domain name for your business? Contact MI Group.