Using Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business

Large portions of an entrepreneur’s days are spent handling tedious and repetitive tasks that help keep the business functioning but don’t necessarily contribute to company growth. While your energy would be better spent working on projects that help you inch closer to your business objectives, you may not have the budget to hire new employees. So what can you do?

Many business owners who sought solutions to the problem of inefficiency in the workplace have decided to incorporate marketing automation into their operational practices.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software designed to automate tedious and repetitive marketing processes, such as social media scheduling, email marketing, ad campaigns, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Saves You Time – The time-saving aspect of automation is probably the greatest benefit a business owner can receive. Implementing automation into your marketing processes means you no longer have to correspond with leads and customers or collect and manually filter through emails for your campaigns. With automation, email workflows that follow campaign workflows are run automatically, based on events that transpire in the customer’s journey.

Increases Customer Retention – Increasing customer retention is the most cost-effective way to grow your business. The reason being is that selling to an existing customer takes fewer resources than it does to acquire a new one. Marketing automation works to enhance your customer retention rate by constantly engaging with existing customers. These interactions are fueled by data collected when said customer visits your website and clicks on different
goods and services your business provides. Marketing automation software analyses that data and sends out relevant emails suggesting items a customer may be interested in and even attempts to upsell and cross-sell when a customer proceeds to check out. These tactics add to the lifetime value of a customer, which can positively impact your business’s bottom-line.

Easily Track Results – Marketing automation software provides insightful, interactive analytics that breakdown the performance of your marketing campaigns, depicting in detail the effectiveness of your strategy. Knowledge is power, and for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to scan data and make calculations, marketing automation extracts the time-consuming elements from
the process, allowing you to simply assess the results and make the necessary adjustments.

The data collected via marketing automation includes:

  • Email marketing performance
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Website performance
  • Lead behavior
  • ROI

ROI – The purpose of marketing automation is to get more bang for your buck by streamlining and automating marketing processes. While adding efficiency to your business is the function of this technology, the objective of implementing it is to save money and make more of it intelligently. To put it simply, the benefits your business receives using marketing automation outweigh the cost of using the technology.

Grow Your Business – For business owners attempting to grow your company, you face many obstacles on your journey to success. Some of these challenges range from limited to no help accomplishing smaller, in-house tasks, to competing with the larger businesses inhabiting your industry. Fortunately, marketing automation works to extract those tasks from your everyday life, so you can focus on creating the best products or services you can.

Who Are We?

We are MI Group, and we provide digital marketing and software development solutions for mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create, develop, and grow their online presence using digital marketing tools.

With regard to automation, we love the free open source system known as Mautic because it doesn’t require a large investment, it’s easy to maintain, and there are no restrictions to the number of users or the amount of data that can be stored. While we do not sell the software, our technical development team can install, setup Matic in the cloud, and provide training and support for businesses looking for quality automation software that won’t break the bank.

To learn how automation can help grow your business and extract those tedious tasks from your already busy schedule, contact us for a consultation at MI Group today.