Why You Need MeisterTask, the Project Management Tool for Success

Why You Need MeisterTask, the Project Management Tool for Success

Do you have a system for keeping track of tasks (from conception to completion) for you or your team? Are a large percentage of your projects coming out incorrect, incomplete, or lacking in some areas? A management application could be your answer.

77% of high performing projects use some form of project management (or task management). There are many requirements for projects, and one of the best ways to keep up with each step of the way is to invest in some form of task management to help keep you and your team organized, focused, and on track!

For successful projects, you must be able to:

  • Sort
  • Delegate
  • Plan
  • Prioritize
  • Organize
  • Track or Monitor
  • Or report tasks

These task capabilities and features enable you to finish your projects and tasks correctly and on time. Your project is more likely to be successful when combating all the reasons why projects fail.

Why Do Some Projects Fail?

The leading causes of project failure, according to James Anthony of FinancesOnline are:

  • Change in priorities — 39%
  • Change in objectives — 37%
  • Lack of clarity with goals or vision — 29%
  • Insufficient or incorrect requirements gathering — 35%
  • Poorly defined risks and opportunities — 29%
  • Lack of effective communication — 29%
  • Wrong cost estimates — 26%
  • Lack of sponsor support — 26%
  • Problems with resources — 26%
  • Inaccurate time estimates — 25%
  • Lack of resources, planning, and activities — 39%

What if you had a platform that helped you with each of these areas? Having the right setup with the necessary capabilities and cooperation would put you on the path toward success! Your projects and team will be more likely to succeed by having what you need in an organized and user-friendly task management program like MeisterTask!

What is MeisterTask, and What Does It Do?

MeisterTask is cloud-based task management, a platform for teams. It is entirely customizable and can adapt to individual or business needs. It’s a collaborative tool that:

  • Helps your team members work more efficiently
  • Allows them to see what everyone is working on
  • Provides notifications about task updates or comments
  • And gives insights like team productivity and statistics.

MeisterTask is easy to use and extremely intuitive. You can use the online platform or download the free app for iPhone or Android devices. Online access means you don’t have to worry about software taking up too much space on your PC.

Speed up your workflow by setting up automation. You can configure automatic actions within the system and save both time and hassle. 65% of people reported synchronization of projects with objectives gives significant value in determining project success.

What are Some MeisterTask Special Features?

Some of MeisterTask’s helpful features allow you to:

  • Create one or multiple checklists within a task
  • Use recurring tasks for repeated To-Do’s
  • Enable time tracking to keep track of the amount of time spent on each task
  • Define custom fields to complete
  • Import projects from Asana, Trello, and Wunderlist
  • Integrate essential apps (like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Google Workspace, and MindMeister)
  • Group tasks into a project board
  • Assign tasks to specific team members
  • Track task progress
  • Keep up with projects of all styles and types
  • Set up automation for recurring steps in your workflow and save time

More Components and Features of MeisterTask:

  • Timeline — view all tasks in an entire project with a calendar view
  • Automation — Automate repetitive workflow steps to save time and raise efficiency
  • Recurring Tasks — Set a template for a repeating task if you need to perform it regularly and consistently
  • Task Limits — This limits the number of tasks you can acquire and encourages you or your team to focus on what they have at hand
  • Assignees and Watchers — Stay in the loop by watching after assigning a task to a team member
  • Due Dates — Set dates to create clarity in goals, expectations, and deadlines with your team
  • Attachments — Attach files and images directly to a task so that you or other team members can see what is going on
  • Tags — Organize your task by client, priority, category, or whatever you choose. You can filter tasks to create a streamline.
  • Agenda — a personal, private board where you can pin tasks no matter what project they are from. It allows you insight for prioritization of jobs, even if they are from different projects.
  • Dashboard — Each user gets a dash completely customizable with an individual checklist
  • Desktop App — You don’t have to use the browser online. The desktop app allows you to work directly from your computer.
  • Mobile App — You’ll receive every notification and stay on track.

What Kinds of Plans Does MeisterTask Offer?

MeisterTask offers different plans based on your needs:

  1. Basic — FREE (Free Trial for basic services)
  2. Pro — Offers BASIC + integrations and automation
  3. Business — What PRO offers + timeline, group sharing and permissions
  4. Enterprise — What BUSINESS offers + Customized to your needs

As you upgrade from each plan to the next, they offer more file attachments, unlimited projects, and more features. MeisterTask provides the most requested task management program factors, including functionality, ease of use, and price.

With MeisterTask, you can:

  • Create higher levels of transparency, visibility, responsibility, and accountability on your team
  • Quickly identify the progress of tasks and see milestones
  • Get relevant key performance indicator info (KPI) for reports
  • Achieve success (chances increase with well-defined processes and practices you create using the platform)
  • Increase effective communication between team members
  • Set deadlines and notifications

Try MeisterTask for Free Today – We would love to hear your feedback!

MI Group is a MeisterTask Partner. Contact us to learn how we can help you integrate this tool for your own business.

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